Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Results-Based Management

This reading week began with a lovely and very useful workshop on results-based management. We were focused on logical frameworks, ensuring that grant-funded projects in development and poverty issues are actually doing what they mean to be doing. It was primarily an exercise in learning the current language and framing used by donor agencies, but it was really helpful. It was particularly interest for me, because we did this at GenCen all the time...and I would frequently proofread or format the frameworks, but I never really understood why on earth we used the particular format we did. I get it now! :)
The instructors were particularly good - I really enjoyed them both as instructors and as people. Current PhD students who have a good deal of practitioner work, so they bring a wealth of experience in bridging the practice-academic divide.

Next up: some interesting talks on campus, a job interview to be an admissions ambassador for North America, and a trip to London!

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