Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tata for now!

I have a lecture on the physical science of climate change and a workshop on a statistical computer program, and then I am popping on a train to Brighton.  I am not sure what my internet and blogging time situation will be while at the conference, so this is probably “good-bye” for a few days at least.
You can check out what I’ll be doing at I’ll also be working on preparation for my upcoming assignments…essays and case studies are going to be due soon in most of my courses.
In basic news, I have been elected the Marshall Class Secretary, so I’ll be doing some work in planning class get-togethers and networking events.  How fun.  : )


  1. You? Taking a leadership position? Within a group of people picked in part for their leadership potential? NOOOOOO. Not possible.

    Say "hi" to the UK's only elected MP from the Green Party for me!

  2. What a shock! You have actually been elected to a new job!


  3. Secretary. Not as much power as president, but definitely the best power/work ratio. Nicely done.

  4. We don’t have a president. I’m the only elected official…

  5. What Chris said...
    The first part anyway. I'm not acquainted with the UK's only elected MP from the Green Party, so will omit the greeting at this time.

  6. Oh, that's Mom making the above comment; sorry.