Saturday, October 20, 2012

“Rethinking Climate Conflict” Conference

I suppose I should mention something about the conference itself.  The University of Sussex hosted “Rethinking Climate Change, Security, and Conflict,” a two-day conference pulling in academics from Europe and the States.  A lot of Africanists and Middle East scholars attended, but there wasn’t much conversation around Asia or Latin America.  One doctoral student from the UK presented research on US climate and energy policy, though – that was certainly interesting as an American!
I won’t bore you with many details about the Conference content itself.  If you want it, I have thirty pages of single-spaced notes.  (Yes, seriously.  Apparently I heard a few things worth noting down…)
In any case, I had an absolutely wonderful time and heard some great things.  Primarily, though, it was incredible to meet people.  Probably half of the people presenting are folks who I have cited in my coursework; it was really great to shake their hands and hear directly from them.

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