Friday, March 22, 2013

And we're done...

...kind of.
All assignments for DEV-based coursework are turned in. I know have a three-hour exam on 23 April and a 10,000 word dissertation to write over the summer.  But I am done with term!

This is not to say I don't have things to do. Currently on the docket:
  • Paper for the Food Security Conference at Oxford, due 1 April;
  • Facilitating a brainstorming workshop on rethinking the hydro cycle, happening Monday in and need of strategic thinking about processes and methods;
  • Helping lead a focus group/pizza party for American students at UEA with the Recruitment Office, happening Tuesday;
  • Getting some Excel data in line for the International Office.
 This, plus a good number of errands, needs to be done by next Wednesday - at which time, I'm beginning a month of being out of town for fun and academic travel purposes.

We'd hate to have a dull moment!

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