Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kurt!

UEA's Fulbright Scholar lives in the flat across the hall from us.  Our flats trade off dinner parties - which involves moving our tables, chairs, and dishes back and forth constantly.  Haha.
Wednesday was Kurt's birthday; he hosted a party Friday night to celebrate.
Since he's recently made the decision to go vegetarian, we had delightful black bean and sweet potato burger patties, roasted squash and taters, a great salad, and homemade salsa.  And LOTS of dessert. Merey made chocolate cake, Kurt made peanut butter cookies and fruity granola bars, and there was also birthday cake.
I'm not sure if I should be eating for the next month...

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  1. Black bean and sweet potato burger patties? Homemade? Recipe please. This vegetarian is drooling over that one. Happy Birthday to Kurt. I don't know you, but your birthday menu is certainly worthy of celebration (or is it that your birthday is worthy of such a delicious sounding menu)? :)

    Oh and Becca - I am with you all the way on the consumption tax. It would be SO much simpler!