Friday, March 1, 2013

Glee Concert

One of my mates from the "Water & Enterprise" Programme is a part of the UEA Glee Club. They had a concert last night. I attended the "State of Fifths" and "Spartan Dischords" a cappella groups' concerts pretty regularly while at MSU, but this was quite a bit different.  There was a band, for one - of course, since they're not a cappella. But their solos were just that - solos, with only them, and maybe one or two back-up singers on stage, and the band playing everything.  It was fun. Two notes, though:
1. Not watching "Glee" anymore and not attending the Fifths or Dischords concerts has moved me right back into pop culture loserdom. Had no idea what was being sung most of the time, even as everyone around me was mouthing the words.  Ah, well.
2. Their programme listed song titles and soloists, but not composers/original performers. It is not fair of a group to perform "For Good" from "Wicked" and "Fine, Fine Line" from "Avenue Q" while having "Tonight" on the programme...and having it not be the song from "West Side Story".  Sigh.
But an enjoyable evening nonetheless, and a nice excuse for a "Water & Enterprise" reunion!

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