Sunday, December 22, 2013

Carol Service

My Edinburgh church choir led a Carol Service tonight. Thursday's rehearsal and today's service were fun exercises in sightreading. There are many British carols that I've simply never heard before ("Adam lay y'bounden", anyone?). And the "classic" carols are often to different tunes than an American learns. 
About a month ago, George asked us if there were any requests. I mentioned "Oh Holy Night", so he very sweetly ordered an arrangement by Rutter and we sang it as the intro. And thus ended the things Becca knew. 
I was expecting many of the confusing moments. I was not, however, expecting different words and rhythms on "Silent Night". It was very exciting. 
But we made it! And candles were lit, and all was well. :)

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  1. Adam Lay yBounden - best done according to Britten at 260 bpm.