Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Hungary Games

I know, I know. That's a terrible pun. I'm sorry; Spencer kept using it. 

Return flights from London to Budapest for 55 quid are hard to turn down when you're out of classes and have a mate you can stay with for a week. 

Highlights of our time:
-Strawberry hot chocolate. (Deliciousness.)
-Sulfuric baths. Do come take the waters, darling. Don't we feel so healthy?
-A day trip to Vienna. (Because Europe is wonderful like that.)
-Candy floss and hot apple cider at the Christmas markets. 
-Gorgeous architecture. 

I am now in the Budapest Airport heading home. My first day of work is Thursday. Back to "real" life we go!

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  1. You've had several interesting items recently and nobody has posted a comment.I posted one a few weeks back and it never registered. Maybe something is screwed up--what do I know about blogspots and such? Uncle Al