Monday, June 30, 2014

Earth Systems Governance

Over the next few days, Hannah is exploring Norwich and playing with Iorwerth whilst I participate in the "2014 Norwich Conference on Earth System Governance: Access and Allocation in the Anthropocene". How's that event name for a mouthful?

We're exploring issues of politics and justice around environmental resources. On a rather large scale - I haven't been to a conference with more than 100 attendees in quite a while. This one has 259 accepted presentations, plus keynotes and semi plenaries.

I'll be chatting about my work on virtual water trade on a panel, speaking on environmental education in a semi plenary, and chairing a session on environmental law and governance (because chairing a panel on environmental law is exactly what I always wanted for my birthday!).

For more details:

I get to come home to the Maestro every night, so it should be a grand time all around!!

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