Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lazy London

Hannah and I have spent a few lovely and necessarily lazy days in London just chilling at the flat. She took Tuesday and went to Wimbledon, where she successfully queued for grounds tickets and then spent the day tracking various American players around and eating strawberries and cream on the field. (Probably one of her major highlights from the summer, were I to guess.)

I have been..."working". Which is to say, reading a lot of novels whilst thinking about how much I should be writing. Oops? I'll get there eventually. ;)

We leave London tomorrow for Cambridge, with a wee side jaunt to Norwich for me to help welcome US scholarship advisors to UEA. 

Punting along the colleges and frolicking in bell towers, here we come! (And hopefully I also do actually work one of these days...)


  1. At what flat in London are you chilling?
    And I am quite sure Wimbledon is a highlight of Hannah's need to guess.


  2. Ahh, the beauty of Marshall Scholars out and about for the summer. We have been very lovingly hosted by Garrett and Kerry, bopping around to various rooms in their flat depending on who's gone when. :)