Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paris, here we come!

Well. It's been a fabulous week, and it's only Wednesday!

Hannah and Kristina had a fabulous time in Ireland, even managing to hop on a bus outside of Dublin and see some of the gorgeous country. 

Laura, Ben, and I got eaten alive on the Isle of Skye by midges - mini mosquitoes that don't do you the courtesy of buzzing to tell you they're about to cause havoc. We saw glorious mountains, the bridge used in the "Harry Potter" films for the Hogwarts Express, and some lovely waterfalls. 

Monday night, Hannah tried haggis for the first time and Kristina got to dance with a British man in a kilt. I ceilidh danced away and all was delightful. 

Tuesday, Hannah very sensibly took a break and had a quiet day in Edinburgh. Kristina won't get another chance to see the Highlands, though, as she's leaving earlier than Hannah. So she and I popped off on a free tour from Edinburgh that included feeding hairy coos (cows) and seeing the castle where "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was filmed. 

We are now on an airplane to Paris (I'm typing this and then posting later). We'll be seeing DisneyLand, Versailles, and of course the basic Paris monuments. Facebook shall explode with the number of photos we are likely to take. 

Having a marvellous time over here, in case you couldn't tell. The only problem with visitors and taking time to sightsee with them: At some point, I really should probably do some actual work...

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