Saturday, October 25, 2014

And she's off!

For those of you who don't know: I'm going to Kuwait! Queuing for the plane at Heathrow now. 
I was honoured to be invited by the Kuwait Dive Team to come visit them, observe and take part in their activities, and write a book in English on them. 
The Team is an amazing group of volunteers who dive off the coasts of Kuwait to keep the coral reefs healthy. They lift rubbish off the seabed - including entires yachts, sunken military waste, and the like. They also run educational programmes around the country, running mobile beach clean-ups where students to learn about recycling and reintroduce fish species to the ecosystem. The team has some great social media out there - check out
But much of their stuff is in Arabic.
Enter Becca! I'm going to go spend a week with them, frantically taking notes on all of the amazing work I see. And then it's writing time!
They'll do a self-printing in Kuwait...but we are hoping to formally publish in the US or UK somewhere. If anyone has ins to a publishing house who would want to run an amazing spread on great work happening in the Gulf, let me know!
For I fly!!

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  1. A really, really long time ago, I worked for University Microfilms which is now called ProQuest. They're Ann Arbor based and may be a good place to publish your piece. mmw