Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kuwaiti Update

Hello, everyone! Briefly, both because I'm having too much fun doing things to write it all up in blog form and because I don't want to spoil the book:

I am having an AMAZING time. Absolutely gorgeous views, and incredibly people doing wonderful things.

Since Sunday, I have:
-Toured Kuwait's Grand Mosque;
-Snorkeled in the Gulf;
-Learned how to scuba dive;
-Dived for oysters;
-Swam with eels;
-Salvaged rubbish from the reef;
-Salvaged an old fridge floating around the water;
-Released baby octopi back to the ocean;
-Replaced the rope on a mooring buoy to prevent anchor damage;
-Helped teach 180 Kuwaiti schoolkids about marine conservation and cleaned the beach with them.

So...that's all cool.

:)   :)   :)


  1. Sign me up for a book. What's the attitude of the Kuwaitis toward the U.S. ?
    I can see the rest of the Arab States having no love for us, but we did kick Saddam
    out of there. Uncle Al

  2. We actually haven't talked too much about the US...been talking about so many different beach and reef projects!
    I came here from London, so we've mostly chatted about their British tourism. The majority of the people I've talked with LOVE London, and several have been to Scotland and other parts of England as well. One of the team leaders did diving certification in Bournemouth!

  3. However, the Team's main origins are 1991, post-invasion, when they cleaned up wreckage from the bombings. And some of the workers served with the US military during various operations. So certainly some of the history and international relations will seep into the book!! :)