Friday, May 29, 2015

Food Sovereignty Conference

I'm overcoming political and cultural tensions today, sitting in a lecture room at the University of Michigan. Yes, folks, it can be done. ;)

(I don't actually care about sports or the UofM v MSU rivalry. It's just entertaining.)

But in any case, I'm having a grand time in Ann Arbor at a Food Sovereignty Conference run by the UofM Sustainable Food Systems Initiative. "Food Sovereignty: Local Struggles, Global Movement" is being hosted at the School of Natural Resources and Environment. There's a good balance of social and natural scientists as well as activists in the room.

The discourse around food sovereignty is less directly applicable to me, but it's fun to hear how the conversation is moving forward, and I'm getting some great updates on work that's happening in and around Detroit. It's nice to be back in my Michigan food justice roots for a few weeks as I prepare the first chapters of my PhD dissertation.

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