Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Exceptional DESiGN

I returned safely to London, only to frantically do a quick suitcase swap and laundry load in order to head to Norfolk. 

I taught on a residential programme at the beautiful Holt Hall Friday-Sunday, staying at the old manor a few days before and after for planning and evaluation. 

We brought a load of ecologists as well as a poet, musician, artist, and engineer together and had them lead teams of students in learning about local environmental issues. Student groups wrote a piece of scientific poetry, transformed it into tactile art, and then used their design and teamwork skills for an engineering race using sustainable sources. It was a riot of a weekend. I highly encourage you to check out the photography - as well as the hysterical videos the students produced teaching abouty energy issues:

I am now back in London and will be running around trying to grab catch-up coffees with as many people as possible before heading out to Beirut on Tuesday for my last major stretch of fieldwork. 

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