Saturday, February 27, 2016

WHIP Reunion

I spent a very delightful afternoon yesterday reconnecting with an old colleague - a fellow intern from The White House days. 

Riane worked in The First Lady's Office with me one summer in undergrad. She's now in law school. Her uni has a study abroad programme at Oxford, so she's found herself on this side of the Pond for one term studying with British professors and nipping to Paris on weekends. 

Yesterday, Riane's programme had a day of meetings in London with the US Embassy and British Bar Council. Cue the evening ramblings about London showing off my city!

It was great to chat with her, and a nice break in between frantically finishing up Kuwait projects and prepping for Lebanon. I leave again on Tuesday - and can't quite claim to be ready yet! Let's hear it for weekend calm and prep time.

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