Wednesday, February 10, 2016

KDT Operation 6: Underwater Cleanup

This morning's Kuwaiti adventure involved practicing my diving techniques! The Dive Team was asked by the owner of Al-Kout Marina to clean the area from a large pile-up of rubbish (sadly, it was mostly disposable cups from the nearby Starbucks - use less plastic, people! And make sure it gets disposed of properly when you do use it).

It's a tricky operation, since every time you touch the bottom or pick something up, you release a giant cloud of particulates that seriously messes with visibility.

What you see in the video is a very clean part we filmed so we could actually capture something on camera. Closer to shore in the marina's rocks were giant piles of plastics that we scooped up using a similar method to what is in the video.

I don't think I will ever be able to dive recreationally 'just for fun' after learning all of this and figuring out how to do clean-up work instead!!! You still get to see plenty of fun fish doing this kind of diving.

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  1. Give up geography and go to Hollywood as the next Esther Williams.
    Keep up the good work. Uncle Al