Sunday, March 19, 2017

'Brothers' day out

My (American) flatmate from Norwich years came to the UK for a holiday this month...and promptly left us for Scotland. But her train brought her back to us yesterday, so Iorwerth and I headed into the city to pick her up. We haven't had a date day in quite a while - it was good to see the kiddo properly.

And naturally, since we were in the city...we grabbed the baby. Rafael is quickly becoming a toddler, though, as demonstrated by the wobbly walking:

Both boys are only children, but Iorwerth's inner 'big brother' comes out in the most adorable way with Rif.

We help get his shoes on:

And let him lecture us on the playground:

All in all, we're just kind of a rambunctious bunch!

And we did, eventually, manage to actually fulfil our agenda of Miss Audrey pick-up! (And now she's flying back to America. Blast.)

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  1. The pictures of the young gentlemen melt my heart...