Thursday, March 23, 2017

Launching AMENDS Oxford - please help!

Several weeks ago, I shared how current US political actions have impacted AMENDS, the network of Middle East activists that has been so important to me.

Many of our delegates are currently denied entry to the US, threatening this year's Summit. I spent a frantic week in February in meetings, trying to figure out how we could move forward.

I am thrilled to announce that something really beautiful has come from this: the launch of AMENDS Oxford.

This June, over sixty amazing activists from across the US, Europe, and Middle East will gather in the UK for a week of resource sharing and idea building.

This has been a major shake-up for us in terms of organization and funding. The basic conference is secure, but visa fees and flight prices remain barriers.

In order to bring as many members of our community together as possible, we are asking for your help. Funding from this emergency campaign will go directly to travel costs, supporting activists who currently can't get into the US to instead come to Oxford to share with each other.

I can promise you that this week will lead to very direct change. Workshops at AMENDS have launched new initiatives for education, peace, environmentalism, women's rights, and so much more.

I spoke at the UN because of AMENDS. I led an international tour for an Israeli-Palestinian youth choir through AMENDS. I spent a year living in Morocco, Lebanon, and Kuwait thanks to AMENDS.

These conversations matter. And they work.

Your support - whether it's $5 or $500 - will empower a young person from the Middle East to join us.

This is a direct way to transform potential into reality. I hope you're able to help.

Thank you so much for making this difference...and do let me know if you would like to talk further!

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  1. How soon do you need the money for Amends ? Cathy is visiting her sister in Florida but will be back Wednesday.I don't do credit cards but she will let me use her credit card when she gets back. Uncle Al

  2. Thank you, Uncle Al! The fundraiser will be open for several weeks, so no rush! :)