Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello hello!

It is truly shameful, how long it’s been since I updated this!

I spent the end of February at Yale, where I convened a session on environmental peacebuilding for the New Directions in Environmental Law conference:

Then mum and I very cheekily snuck in a week in New York City, catching up with beloved friends and watching (a lot) of Broadway Shows. We got to see Josh Groban and Glenn Close on stage in separate productions, and also got our own backstage tour of “A Bronx Tale”, since a friend is in the cast.

Landing back in Heathrow, I picked up two friends from Michigan in the airport - and we got to see the “Harry Potter” play!! They both spent a week or so in London and Norwich with me. We’ve been frolicking about touring and seeing more shows.

In between all the theatre, I’ve been frantically writing job applications. I’m looking primarily at academic jobs in the UK, but it’s a bit of a ‘hail Mary’, as they’ll have to be able and willing to sponsor my visa as well! I’ve also thrown my name in the ring for something in the US that looks really up my alley, and am regularly exploring other options.

There is a beautiful irony in avoiding my PhD work by applying for jobs that require my PhD to be finished...

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