Wednesday, May 15, 2013

London once again

I was in London Monday and Tuesday nights. Tuesday was a reception at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their Youth Leadership Programme that is ongoing this week. Youth delegates from around the world are doing a cool week of business and diplomacy training and work. They invited all of the Marshall and Chevening Scholars as well. I didn't actually manage to meet any of the youth delegates - they had had a full day and I think were fighting jet lag still, so they ended up leaving the party pretty early. But I did get the chance to meet several London and UK social entrepreneurs with some interesting portfolios.
Monday was a rather bittersweet day. It was our formal Farewell Dinner for Marshall Scholars who have completed their tenure. So lots of good-byes. Even though we have several other social events during the summer, this was the last official one, and certainly a reminder of how quickly time flies. One of the Ministers of State joined us to wish us on our way - though he also pointed out his colleague, Lord Howard, was also in attendance, and joked that his services may be required. Lord Howard used to handle some of the cases of folks who overstayed their welcome in the UK...and an incredible number of the "departing" Scholars aren't actually managing to tear themselves away from this lovely country. I'm not the only one becoming overly attached!
Anyways, it's back to Norwich again. I just dropped Iorwerth off at daycare. I have this idea in my head that maybe I'll actually do some work on my dissertation today...hahaha. 

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