Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh, what a beautiful Sunday

This morning was spent at the Octagon Chapel, where I led Kids' Club. Our service was on Julian of Norwich, a radical spiritual writer. It's not Mums' Day in the UK - it came several weeks ago here. But since we were talking about radical women and it's Mothers' Day for me, we spent Kids' Club making some cards for our mums and writing a poem for Kate, our epic secretary and a radical woman in the life of our congregation.
I watched the newest episode of "Doctor Who", of course - that's an absolute necessity of life.
And then it was off to the Grapes Hill Community Garden, where I spent a lovely few hours transplanting some lovely bushes and pulling up dead plants and weeds. Doing gardening with irascible old Englishmen is, I must say, quite delightful.
I have just finished making no-bakes, and I'm now preparing for a conference call about AMENDS follow-up and networking. This evening, I will finally be seeing the new "Star Trek". Excited. Very excited.

And that, my friends, is what I call a pretty darn good day.

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