Monday, June 10, 2013

Becca reads Beatrix Potter

Most of you have seen "Ramblings", the web series of five-minute videos where I blab about intellectual topics in an attempt to explain them to myself and my mother. I am feeling somewhat less than highly intellectual at present, we just recorded a session of my reading to Iorwerth and called it good.
In case you need to reminded of the genius of Beatrix Potter, "Ramblings with Rebecca" presents "The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher." Lily pad boats and galoshes and trout, oh my!


  1. I'm a bit behind on your ramblings. I think you read a little too fast, but perhaps you were trying to squeeze it into the 5 minute window.Anyway, your co-star was cute. I may hit the library to see if they have a copy we can read to young Griffen.I think he may not be being read to enough.He's more the action type than the intellectual right now. Uncle Al

    1. It's most definitely too fast! Five minute window is correct.
      We usually read with very dramatic pauses and voices...perhaps I'll try to capture one of those someday.