Monday, June 24, 2013


The 2012 Class of Marshall Scholars retreated to Exmouth, a gorgeous town on the Jurassic Coast in Devon on the edge of Cornwall. (No, seriously. It's called the Jurassic Coast. Eee!)
The National Trust (UK version of the US National Park Service) owns bunkhouses on many of their properties - converted barns, etc. that now hold lots of bunkbeds and equipped kitchens for a cheap and remote way to get out of town without actually camping or just renting a full fancy holiday house somewhere. When groups volunteer for a days' worth of conservation work, they get a night free. We just paid the fee, since we reserved the house not knowing who all would be attending and what their willingness for outside labour would be. But the bunkhouses are actually really lovely - we may be visiting every few months with a group as a fun, service-y, and super cheap holiday!

As you can see, the Jurassic Coast is rather lovely.

We also visited Exeter, home to a gorgeous cathedral and really good university.

And now, back to work. I really must write a thesis one of these days.

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