Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poor overworked oven

I've been totally overworking our poor oven of late...first the 500 muffins and cookies transported across the British Isles for Interwoven, and now some 12 loaves of various breads for the Marshall 2012 Class Retreat to Exmouth. Yesterday, Iorwerth and I baked:
-Banana bread (with and without chocolate)
-Chocolate strawberry bread
-Cranberry orange coffee cake
-Apple cinnamon coffee cake

I do not want to discuss how many dishes I've washed recently. 


  1. It seems you are keeping very busy. I am curious about the status of the rather major paper that is due soon. You haven't mentioned it for some time.
    love ya- granna

  2. Today's "Ramblings" episode is about that very thing!