Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So...I'm in Law School. You can watch Monday's panic and Tuesday's joy.

There was a bit of concern over my course allocation...I wasn't enrolled in International Environmental Law for a while as the postgrad office ensured everyone for whom it was a core course (there's an LLM specifically on Global Environmental Law) got in. Since I chose Edinburgh in large part for that class, it would have been a wee bit distressing had I not gotten in.
But right has triumphed! Good has prevailed! etc.
Which is to say...I'm in the class. :)

I am celebrating official enrollment in all my desired classes by skipping them tomorrow. The new Marshall Scholars are arriving in London...I'm off to welcome them at the Foreign Commonwealth Office. I'm then headed very briefly to Norwich to welcome the incoming DEV School postgraduates at their Induction Week. I'll speak briefly on how they can/should make the most of their year.

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