Friday, September 27, 2013


Since the concussion, my running has been depressingly sporadic.
Edinburgh move resolution: Start running properly again!
We are off to a slow but promising start. The temperature has been really perfect in early morning here lately, and it's nice to see the city nice and quiet.

I am here for a year. To make myself actually do something with this running, and create some kind of accountable...

I want to be able to run from my flat to the top of Arthur's Seat by the end of next summer.
It should be very doable. It's about 3 miles.
But it's 3 miles up. Like, very up. So it will be a fun cardio.

I could, honestly, probably run it right now...because once one has trained cross country, one can kind of keep plodding along forever, regardless of how slowly, in bad form, etc. So I could get up. But it would not be pretty. And it wouldn't be a "run" so much as a "gradual jogging-like motions".

So. Arthur's Seat. Properly.

Let's do this.


  1. Good for you, little miss. You can do it!

    Better you than me...

    Love you!

  2. I have looked at your posting of the site. You are out of your mind! However, I too, have faith that you will meet your goal. That is who you are.
    Have you seen a physician about your head lately? Should you?
    love - granna

  3. I haven't, no - because all seems to be very well and good! :)