Monday, September 23, 2013


I have lived in Edinburgh for a whopping 16 days. Thus far, I have successfully managed to:
1. Host 4 guests and get another 5 scheduled;
2. Take out the rubbish - and the recycling!;
3. Run my clothes washer and dishwasher;
4. Open the communal drying room;
5. Run the dehumidifier;
6. Find my local Tesco;
7. Drink 3 pots of tea in one day;
8. Order and receive things from Amazon at my new address;
9. Set up internet.

Some of these sound deceptively easy. But hominess is happening!


  1. Good for you, little girl. Glad you are having fun.


  2. You don't mention classes. One hopes that you are attending some of those as well!
    love - granna