Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And it's essay time!

After a very successful trip to London, it's game time for essay writing. 

But it was quite a delightful interval. I got to:
-Have a fabulous steak dinner with Garrett Sunday evening, followed by gelato (tiramisu gelato may be one of the best things ever invented);
-Catch the last of the London Marathon celebrations, though I didn't make it in time to see the running;
-Meet with the Marshall Commissioners to discuss scholarship administration and Scholars' experiences;
-Have Thai lunch with Michael and Basia at what I consider to be the best Thai in Britain;
-See an amazing choral and orchestral concert with Alex's playing the violin;
-Eat Chipotle (which doesn't really exist in the UK outside of London) with Kerry while catching up on a favourite television show;
-Enjoy a day of relaxed productivity (or lack thereof) with Kerry and Zach around London cafés. 

And now, it's to King's Cross I go for the last train back to Edinburgh. Real life enters the scene yet again. 

Let's write about the legality of whaling!! And human rights generations. And climate change human rights. (Seriously, people. Get excited. They're pretty fun topics, actually, especially since I got the insider look at the Whaling Case. I'm actually quite excited to write them. It's just a matter of starting. lol.)

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