Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Free Elephant Piñata?

You may remember that I hosted a "white elephant" gift exchange with the LLM crew at Christmas - everyone brings a wrapped gift, you go around in the circle, people can open a new gift or steal one already taken. Mass hilarity ensues. 
Virtually none of the Europeans had heard of or played this game before. And I have created a band of monsters. They're obsessed. 
So, to celebrate the end of essays...elephanting we went. We did a "free" elephant - people couldn't buy new things to bring, it had to be stuff from their house. 
Prizes for the night included smoked fish, a monkey onesie, a golf club, and...a piñata. 
So we did what any rational group of people would. We stuffed the piñata and played it with a golf club. 
Whack-a-Truffle, anyone?

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