Friday, April 4, 2014

The Americans are Coming!!

Each year, the Marshall Commission takes the Marshall Scholars to visit one of the 3 UK devolved governments (Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland). This year, it's Scotland's turn...which means that all of the Scholars are, for once, coming to my turf instead of my going to London!!
Edinburgh and Glasgow are going to be invaded by 50+ American postgraduate students. May heaven have mercy on the Royal Mile. ;)
In all reality, though, I'm very excited to show off my digs to the other Marshalls. During official activities, we have a hotel, but several of them will be staying before and after the formal trip and crashing at Rebecca's Rooms of Requirement. I'll also have a few Scholars who have recently completed their tenure and are thus not current Scholars hosted in the hotels, but are joining us for activities.
Sunday night, I've booked groups at my favourite restaurants and then we are all going to Frankenstein's for karaoke, joined by all my European LLM mates in order to break up the "MURICA" feel of the evening. Monday night we have a tour of the Holyrood Palace but are then free, so I'll take them up Arthur's Seat depending on the weather and then everyone will come to my flat to hang out.
This could get interesting, folks. More America than I've seen in quite a long time. ;)

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