Sunday, September 28, 2014

And the cold comes...

Not that kind of cold. I'm seeing plenty of posts on Facebook about autumn-y things in the States (I don't know I've ever seen so much pumpkin worship), but the weather is gorgeous and still decently summery here in London. 
But I've had a very quiet move-in process...I'd been fighting a sore throat for about a week before getting into the flat, but as soon as I dropped my baggage off, I managed to contract a full-on fit of coughing and sneezing. It's all been quite impressive. By which I mean that it's warranted cancelling a bunch of meetups with mates and quarantining myself in my nice new flat. I think perhaps my body objected to the constant changing of bed, town, and country all the summer and decided to tell me off at the earliest opportunity. ;)
I am slowly on the mend, I type as I cough into my sleeve whilst on the Tube (sorry, commuters). I'm headed to Heathrow Airport to pick up Micah, the fantastic founded and director of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus. They're planning a tour of the UK for December that I'll be helping with. Micah's here for just three days to do some prep work...and happily, I know have a bed for him in London to crash on!
So...back to life we go. Thank goodness for cough drops. 

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