Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am in one city for a solid week - to the hour!!
Into Norwich Rail Station at 4:30pm on Sunday 7 September. 
Sunday evening with Maestro and then a conference call to check-in with friends through the AMENDS Network. 
Monday I have three conference calls, some paperwork to catch up on, and Iorwerth pickup. 
Tuesday I'll be going to a strategic retreat for the Water Security Research Centre at UEA. 
Wednesday is hereby named "Friendsday", as I'm scheduling back to back coffee and meal dates with various friends. 
Thursday is currently unscheduled other than Iorwerth pickup. 
Friday I have a morning meeting, and then Iorwerth's parents are off for a weekend minibreak. Maestro and I have a date at home!!
Sunday - at right about 4:30pm - I'll leave Norwich to go teach on a Bright Futures programme at Holt Hall. 
I don't even know what sleeping on the same surface for seven days is like anymore. ;)

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