Saturday, September 20, 2014

One last Edi weekend

I had a final few days in Edinburgh before properly moving into my London flat. 
Thursday was The Vote. Scotland voted to stay part of the UK - but the vote was fairly tight, and certain parts of the country (most notably, Glasgow) did vote in favour of independence. Conversations about the future of the UK are likely to keep being instigated by the certainly sparked a lot of debate about world and domestic politics! But I won't be needing my passport to cross the border anytime soon. ;) I was on the train from London when the vote was officially called; they made an announcement on the train. 
This Friday, I spoke with incoming students at Edinburgh's Law School about my year and my work with Edinburgh Law Connections. That night, I joined them for the Kickoff Wine Reception - and found a few students with common research interests, a new friend from London to tease, and some fellow "Lord of the Rings" nerds (I wore my Evenstar so as to encourage them to come out to me...).
I had lunch with a friend from Norwich who is now working up here Saturday The Elephant House, naturally!
I'm now headed back to London, essentially for good. I move into my flat near Victoria on Tuesday!

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