Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back to Norfolk!

It has been far too long. Months! But after a week of almost total house arrest finalising my research report and proposal for my PhD upgrade committee, I'm off today to Holt Hall. 

After the success of the DESiGN residential in June, we were asked to hold a reunion for the students. A handful of them are coming to the Hall on Sunday for a day of frolicking about the grounds and catching up with friends. Hoping the weather holds for them - it's a bit grey at the moment!

Then we have a new batch of students and school partners coming for a Bright Futures residential Monday-Wednesday. One of my closest friends through the Marshall, as well as a PhD mate from King's College London, will be joining us as mentors for the programme. I'm excited to show off Holt Hall and the initiative to them. But first...a sentimental train ride to Norwich in order to get there! Nothing like an afternoon on a train writing and chatting with good folks whilst beautiful English countryside rolls along next to you. :)

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