Friday, September 4, 2015

RGS-IBG in Exeter

The last trip Greg and I took together this summer was to southwest England 1-4 September. 

The 2015 Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society was held at the University of Exeter this week. The theme was "Geographies of the Anthropocene", exploring links between nature and society, both massively significant in a geologic sense and the more micro interactions we as humans all have with our environment. 

I spoke and chaired at several sessions; details about those will come out as blog posts start happening on various university websites. I got to brag about the Kuwait Dive Team, get some pushback on the analytical framework for my PhD, and show off the residential programmes at Holt Hall I help run. All very grand!

Greg joined me for a few evenings of dinner near Exeter's gorgeous Cathedral Md adorable waterfront (along the River Exe). He also day tripped to Exmouth, the nearest proper coastal city, and walked along the glorious Jurassic Coast (yes, that is its real name). I stayed in Exmouth two+ years ago during a Marshall class retreat, so nostalgia abounded. 

And now, it's homeward we go. Greg takes off back to America in a week; my PhD upgrade is due! And so life slowly gets back to normal. Whatever normal means. ;)

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