Friday, September 18, 2015

Home at last!

After an incredible but very intense summer of travel with Greg, and then a completely insane ten days of writing and editing my research report for my PhD upgrade while at Holt Hall teaching, welcoming the new Marshall Scholars, and nipping into Norwich to greet the new MSc Water Security students, I am now home (more or less) for the foreseeable future. 
There are many, many projects to catch up on. But first and foremost among them: sleep. If anyone needs me, I'll be barricaded in my loft hiding for the next few days. ;)
(Not really. The new "Doctor Who" debuted today; I'll be hosting a viewing - an honour earned via the virtue of having a TV license. And I have this vague idea of managing to get to the Unitarian church on Sunday, but we'll see what happens.)

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