Tuesday, September 8, 2015

K+ Reunion

I went onto campus today for the first time in several weeks. Reunion time! The K+ Summer Spotlight Programme held their feedback tutorials tonight. I got to check in with the students I taught in July. Schools started in the last few days, so their summers are over and back to ‘real’ school they go. They got to start their last year of A levels on a good note, as I gave back their marked essays and they all did incredibly well. Of 14 students, I gave three 1st distinctions and eight 2:1s. Given that we mark them at a grade level higher than their current key stage (e.g., these sixteen/seventeen-year-olds were being graded as university students), this was quite impressive.
The evening also included the required cheesy trivia quiz and handing out of certificates of completion. As well as pizza for dinner, of course. Given that I’ve been to America recently, my students and the staff got to top off dinner with peanut butter rice krispies with butterscotch chocolate frosting. “Thanks for the American heart attack”, as one of the students put it.

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