Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cleaning, writing, and seeing people

After turning in 50,000 words for my PhD a few weeks ago, I have been attacking the house and cleaning like a maniac to be productive but not via a computer. I have also been (more slowly than I'd hoped) catching up on other non-PhD academic projects.

But mostly...I've been hanging out with friends. Which has been very good, particularly as I'll essentially be gone on fieldwork from November to April, with very small breaks in between countries.

The school term is back, which means an onslaught of new PhD and masters students at the Geography Department. Cue the various pub nights, massive cookie baking deliveries, and the like.

A friend from the University of East Anglia now doing a masters in London had her birthday on Wednesday; we went out last night to celebrate.

I went into one of my first schools from The Brilliant Club for a reunion and a celebration of one of the student's having her essays published. I made them Oreo cheesecake - a special request, though a stressful one, given that I don't like the stuff and so have very little skill with it. But it seemed to go over okay!

I've also been meeting the new Marshalls, slowly, one by one for various lunches and teas. It's a nice chance to try and get to know them outside the five minute chats inherent to large group receptions.

And so life goes.

Happy Fall, everyone!


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