Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Doctor Who" Day

In the name of geekiness, Hamza and I took a day trip to Cardiff to visit the "Doctor Who" Experience.

It's a bit of a long journey, but the beauty of this island's public transit systems make it very possible.

Hamza was just a bit excited:

I was, of course, far more cool and collected:

And we dragged my PhD mate Dan along, just for good measure:


One of the highlights is that Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor, came to the Experience for a really fun Q&A session. He had loads of great memories, cheeky stories, and commentary on the current direction of the show.

And to round out a fabulous day, just a wee bit of ancient castle architecture and a great gimmick with rugby:

 All in all, I'm calling today a win. And catch up on plenty of work whilst rewatching old "Doctor Who" episodes.

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