Monday, October 26, 2015


I've just finished a rather massively intense weekend conference, the Eighth International Workshop on Hydro-Hegemony. Following in the traditional of Mark Zeitoun, my UEA mentor, and Naho Mirumachi, my PhD supervisor, I talked a few other young researchers interested in water, law, and power into co-organising a teaching and theory workshop on the topics. 80 people from around the world (truly around the world - Canada, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia were all represented) gathered at King's for a participatory two days debating the structure and tools of international law. 
I certainly had a dandy time, and I think most of the others did as well!
I would say I'm now hiding and doing nothing for three days, but it's not true - I'm headed into campus now to teach a huge class of 120 undergrads about Israeli agricultural water policy. 
Buckle your seatbelts, folks!

In any case, cheers to my lovely co-conveners:

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