Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Upgrade Passed!

The process intricacies of a PhD are funny things. In the U.K., students are officially admitted, not as PhD students, but as MPhil researchers - studying for a slightly less advanced degree via research. After the first 12-18 months of study, we are expected to submit an upgrade report and have an examination - which is to say, we send in some writing based on what we've done thus far and what we're planning to do for the rest of our time, and then some staff members read and critique it and decide whether we're engaging adequately with the literature to successfully complete a PhD in a reasonable timeframe. 

My upgrade meeting was today...that is, I had a fun chat with smart people who care and know about my topic and care and know about me. Was a lovely time. And now I have officially and unconditionally passed the upgrade, so I am a PhD candidate and clear to do fieldwork and all that grand stuff. 

Now that that's dealt with...the house is out of muffins and my guests are complaining about the lack of baked goods. So I'm off to take care of that little detail. ;)

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