Tuesday, November 3, 2015

And I'm off! Round 2

Here goes the actual travel...it's 4:21am, and I'm at a bus stop en route to Morocco!

A proper trip this time, not some quick little in and out. I'll be in Agadir conducting participatory research with Dar Si Hmad, an environmental NGO whose cool work includes fog harvesting in the rural mountains. 

I purposefully don't know all that much about the group yet, as part of my research is to tease out their narratives and how they understand their work. But check out their website for a flavour of what I'll be working on: darsihmad.org

Time to turn on my bit of French and learn some Berber!!!

I'll be posting regularly, and if I follow through on my intentions, will start up my "Ramblings" YouTube series as well. Questions, comments, and ideas welcome as always!

Date thee wel, Britain!

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