Friday, November 13, 2015

Marrakesh Day Trip

Yesterday, some of my research partners from Dar Si Hmad attended a meeting in Marrakesh with MEPI, the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative, who fund one of the organisation's youth empowerment projects.

I did not attend the meeting; however, one of my housemates and I took the opportunity to see another part of the country, driving up with the crew to Morocco's fourth-largest city. The "Red City" has walls of red sandstone that are around 900 years old; the city itself is nearly one thousand. Its central square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, has a claim to the busiest square in Africa and it is truly bustling with snake charmers, henna artists, Berber youth acrobats, monkeys on leads, juice stands, and virtually every souvenir you could possibly imagine, want, or need. The city's streets and souks (outdoor markets) are likewise full with a dizzying array of silks, jewelry, lamps, kitchenware, scarves, art, decorative name it. We had a lovely day exploring a palace from the 1500s, a working Jewish synagogue, and some of the more residential streets.

Fountain in the center of Marrakesh's synagogue

Oops. I seem to have found a tree to climb. Like a dangling monkey.

The direct collision of old and new transport mechanisms.

Not only in London are the busses red, double decker, and touristy

Fezzes are cool. Also silly and fun.

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