Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello from Beirut!!

I am safely and happily arrived in Beirut.

Friends from AMENDS have greeted me in lavish style. I got mango juice and Nutella crepes my first night with a mate working against hunger in urban centres by redistributing restaurant waste. (The crepes were not from her soup kitchen. Just an indulgence. But a fun one! I'll get to the kitchen sometime soon.)

I'm staying with another friend of hers, who is being incredibly generous with her adorable flat. My bedroom view includes snow-covered mountains. Clearly I'm miserable about that!

And today finds me at AltCity, a start-up launcher for businesses and young entrepreneurs. My third NGO partner, the Media Association for Peace, has already put me to work. Another AMENDS Fellow surprised me with a giant hug - though seeing as he's a founder of AltCity, I probably shouldn't be surprised to see him here. ;)

And plans are already made for coffee with a mate who studied at Edinburgh the same year as I. How cool is life? :)


  1. One of my bridge students--a former nurse graduated from
    was born in Lebanon and graduated from the university in Beirut.Last year was the first since I've known her that she didn't return for a visit. Her relatives live somewhere north of the city. I'll see if I could arrange a visit for you, if you're interested. Uncle Al

  2. Let me know if she comes back to visit! It'd be fun to meet her. :)