Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Grand Adventure

We are on a fabulous expedition this morning. It is known as the 22.
I'm taking a bus I've never taken before into the university. I dropped Iorwerth off at daycare all by myself (we are both so grown up, sniffle sniffle!) and headed into City Centre. And there was the 22 bus proclaiming its last stop at University UEA.
I have mates who use this bus, because it is near their houses. Everyone always just says "25 for the City Centre" though, giving no love to the 22.
This may mean that this bus ride is twenty bajillion years long. We shall see. Hopefully, it will take me through parts of town I haven't seen yet!
Expedition and experiment time, folks. Welcome to summer.


  1. Is one to assume that you have left your flat and moved in with Iowerth and his folks to assume nanny duties?

  2. Ah, good question.
    I have not, actually. A mate will be taking over my lease, but his license isn't up til 15 June. For now, we are just trekking back and forth.

  3. Yes, folks, that's my Becca...geeked about a bus ride. :)


  4. As well I should have been! I saw parts of Norwich I'd never seen before!
    And...sheep! :)