Friday, April 19, 2013

And home

Heading back to Norwich today. I will definitely be happy to see my flatmates, but I'm sad that the city will be distinctly missing one Miss Madeline Bohl.

Random notes:
One of our flight attendants was the same on the way over and the way back...but not the full crew.
My body is the definition of confused, tired, and joyful right now.

And, with that...let's sleep.
Or study for my masters exam on Tuesday, which I haven't done any revisions for whatsoever as of yet. (Revisions=studying in UK.) But we'd hate to do something like study. Yet I also bed to switch time zones right away, as I'm babysitting Iorwerth all day Monday and will need to be awake. Haha.
Any who, I shall stop rambling.
Home, sweet home has definitely become the UK!

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