Monday, April 8, 2013


We've had a great first full day on the Marshall Trip to Wales. Each year, the Commission take all current scholars to visit a government centre in the UK. They rotate through Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Great way to introduce the scholars to a different part of the nation than we usually see.
Our programme has been put together by the Commission along with the Welsh Government. We are privileged to be hearing from a number of policy advisors and ministers on various issues in Wales. Today, we heard quite a good bit on the Welsh economy from various angles. Also got to hear from the First Minister of Wales, as close to a Prime Minister or President as they get. He and other speakers helped explain devolution - the process of moving power from the central UK government to regional authorities in the member countries. There's a bit of confusion about the exact status of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland for most people, I think (even sometimes people living in those countries themselves). So it was really cool to hear from policy makers and advisors the differences in scope between regional power of the member countries of the UK and the UK government. Civics lesson day!
And, in the world of way cool, we got a backstage tour of the Wales Millennium Centre. Becca's theatre geek and "Doctor Who" fandom have had good moments today.
Tomorrow, we are visiting a coal mine!

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  1. "Programme". You've become Anglicised* already.Note the asterisk--now you've got me doing it. Uncle Al