Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Mostly, I'm cooking a lot and eating very healthily in London.

Except Dishoom. 

One of the other Marshalls discovered it; it's entirely his fault. 

There is a delicious Bombay restaurant in London. There were two locations. But now, there's a dangerous third. It's quite close to King's Cross - which is dangerous in and of itself, of course. And the thing isn't actually open yet...it's in the midst of its soft opening. Which means that, while training all their staff and finishing their building, everything is half off. 50%. Drinks, all courses. 

Danger. Danger, Will Robinson. 

When one can get three cocktails, a good bottle of red wine, five appetisers, four mains, and bread for under £40...what is one to do?

(Eat a lot, is the answer.)

So. That's basically what I've been up to the past week. ;)

Happily, they open for real later this week. The Thanksgiving-like gorging is coming to a forced halt very soon!

In the meantime, though...one last Bombay dinner is happening this evening. :)

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