Wednesday, November 12, 2014

London Life and Lights

I am slowly growing used to actually living in London, rather than psyching myself into thinking I'm just on a long business trip and will be back in a smaller city soon.

London is, of course, magical. It's London! But I simply am not a big city girl, and I'm not sure I ever will. Two and a half years left to convert me... ;)

Trying to get somewhere at 9am, 5pm, or weekend nights is simply never fun. Fighting my way through crowds just to get to school is never going to be my idea of fun. Traveling an hour+ to get to a meeting in your own city isn't either. concerts and shows, regular influxes of amazing lecturers, being a hub for mates flying through to other places...these are all grand. Running along the Thames at 6am when virtually no one else exists is quite delightful. The lights of London streets preparing for the holidays are exquisite. And I will forever adore the beauty of the Somerset House ice skating rink and huge tree.

So, all in all...I'm not miserable. ;)

That being said...I get to visit both Edinburgh and Norwich soon!! :)

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  1. Sorrry I can't make the show. But I did see "South Pacific" at the Aldwych in 1953 when I was on a tour of the British Isles with American Express. I walked along the Thames on both sides. Uncle Al